Who are we exactly? What do we do? Why do we do it?

About Us

About the iVillage Foundation NPC

The iVillage Foundation is non-profit and non-government organisation that drives transformation for socio-economic impact in the communities it works.

IVillage Foundation has been characterised by its commitment and resilience to see the previously marginalised and underprivileged communities being able to participate in the country’s economy through the uses of education, technology and entrepreneurship.

Ivillage foundation do not only focus on the projects that are income generating for the community but also the educational attainment, financial security and quality of life.

Our Vision

The iVillage Foundation NPC’s vision is to have South African communities attain education, economic prosperity and technological inclusion as well as improved living standards.

Our Mission

The iVillage Foundation NPC’s mission is to provide access to education, entrepreneurship and leadership development.

Our Values

  • Transformation
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Equality


  • Policy Contributions
  • Research
  • Publications
  • Earn Your BEE Scores


Ivillage Foundation is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and NPO.

NPO Number: 219-158
PBO Number: 930061931

By supporting the Foundation, you may qualify for a Section 18A Tax Exemption Certificate and also earn higher B-BBEE points in the five pillars of the Codes of Good Practice.


Our Key Objectives

The main object of Ivillage Foundation NPC is to redress the underlying skills development programme for rural and townships with support programmes that empower the unemployed youth/adults to be able to qualify as entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators in the digital economy, discouraged unemployed youth that are not accounted for in the unemployment statistics and equiping them with “Skills of the future” enabling them to participate in the knowledge economy.

  1. Facilitate the skills development that capacitate the communities, create self-reliance within a caring and enabling socio-economic environment.
  2. Promote computer and digital skills for the Unemployment Youth, School Children and Women.
  3. Organise educational services and support for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) for children at rural and township schools to become the best performers so that they can access quality higher education system.
  4. Awareness Programmes for career opportunities for in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).
  5. Advance previously advantaged communities with training in emerging technologies which they currently do not have access to e.g. E-sports, Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology.
  6. Establish a research and documentation centre that will provide contribute to policy development in Southern Africa, and to make this available for academic and scholarly research.

Background and Rationale

Research has shown that the rapid change of technology has further extended the divide for quality education, economy inclusion and adoption of new technology for marginalised communities. South Africa has enjoyed democracy for over a two decades, which has grown to be a global participant in economy, education and technology it would appear that participation and implementation of quality education, emerging technologies advocacy, policy formulation and entrepreneurship can be achieved by an institution that is non-governmental that is Ivillage Foundation NPC.

Established in 2017, emerged out of the observing the challenges that communities face with development challenges from the socio-economic aspect, the South African educational system has grown far apart from the emerging(new) technologies as the internet is disrupting education that needs to contribute towards new careers and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The communities are still at basic computing, with the observation that some still get excited to turn the computer on without typing anything yet, this has limited the communities to innovate, invent and improve the quality of life at the current state.

Ivillage Foundation NPC is a South African-wide organisation which provide a hub for ICT skills development, STEAM quality education, entrepreneurial networks, and research centre that seeks to improve the lives of the previously disadvantaged and currently marginalised communities, with the approach of sustainable development it seeks to address challenges that have short, medium and long term in the development of such communities in South Africa.


iVillage has positioned itself as a strategic partner through the initiatives that build towards an inclusive innovative ecosystem in South Africa and We work hand-in-hand with our partners to develop compelling content, drive awareness and excitement, and leverage on the growth of innovation.



  • info@i-village.co.za
  • +27 78 952 8570 or +27 79 271 8518
  • 560/36 Kodi Street, Protea North